Tristan Dunlap and her father set up their equipment at The Public House Brewery in Rolla, Missouri. The duo came together in 2013 to form the band, Famous Elsewhere.
 Tristan Dunlap performs her set with her friend Richard's guitar after hers broke at a show a few weeks previously. Dunlap prefers to cover country music in her sets and is a frequent performer at The Public House Brewery.
 Tristan Dunlap performs for her mother and grandmother at the Public House Brewery in Rolla, Missouri. The Dunlap family moved to the Rolla area when Dunlap was in her senior year of high school.
 Tristan Dunlap shows off her first tattoo that she got when she was 16 years old. Her and her mother received similar tattoos, with her mother having a sun instead of a skull and moon, on their shoulders.
 Tristan Dunlap relaxes at the Hooka Lounge on Ninth Street on a Monday night after a long day of work. "Usually I don't come here in the beginning of the week but it sounded like a good idea for the moment," she says.
 Tristan Dunlap and her mother prepare for the night's festivities on a Saturday night. The two frequently see each other over the weekends to enjoy drinks and family outings while Dunlap attends college at the University of Missouri.
 Tristan Dunlap waits as her most recent tattoo of Jack Skeleton to be administered to her forearm. While it is one of many for Dunlap to receive, she says she is still a bit of a baby when she gets them and needs her mom by her side.
 Because of the nature of the tattoo, the placement is still up in the air for Tristan Dunlap. She asks for recommendations from her tattoo artist and mom before they begin the process.
 Tristan Dunlap's tattoo artist finally decides on placing the tattoo on Dunlap's upper forearm. The tattoo is from one of Dunlap's favorite Tim Burton movies,  The Nightmare Before Christmas.
 Sitting patiently for the work to be done, Tristan Dunlap says she feels barely any pain from the needle into her arm. "You weren't lying mom, she has a really light touch," she says.
 The tattoo artist wraps Tristan Dunlap's new tattoo of Jack Skeleton from Tim Burton's  The Nightmare Before Christmas  before leaving the studio. The tattoo is a symbol of escape for Dunlap, just as many of her other tattoos have come to symbolize through the years.
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