I've always been a creative person. 

It started off with the standard piano lessons that many children take when they start grade school. Mine started in second grade when my twin sister wanted to take lessons. Since we had a piano in our home, it was an easy accommodation for our family to pursue and since we were twins, it was also assumed that we would do the lessons together. Those lasted up until middle school when neither child practiced the piano but transitioned to the high-pitched, squeaky sounds of flutes.

It didn't take long to transition into art, writing and puzzle solving when I was old enough. Having the band room across the hall from the art classroom in middle school gave me my first glimpse of color coordination and technical jargon that helped me transition to photography in high school. 

That's where I really started to invest in my passion as a designer: High school. I started by taking pictures of our band and all the shenanigans that ensued despite my amateur technique and results. Throughout those four years I would take yearbook, band and computer classes that developed my skills of creativity, vision and work ethic as a designer.

Making the decision to attend the University of Missouri's Journalism program allowed me to create a path towards my goal in the magazine industry. I wanted to obtain a degree in journalism to develop visually stimulating and interesting content for readers, Throughout college, my goal changed from design, photography, writing and editorial tracks. However, I always came back to the bigger picture of how the product and content were presented. I finally decided on where my creativity flourished the most: Design. That's where I knew I was the most creative, stimulated and, most importantly, happy.

I hope that throughout my work experience I will be able to challenge my boundaries as a professional and try knew visual aids to impact and entice readers to think about journalism and products in new and informing ways.